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Hi! Welcome to A & R EVENT DESIGNS. My name is Andrea and I am the owner and creative director behind the business. How did we come to be you may ask ? Well, after getting married in July of 2020 I had caught something called 'post wedding blues', I missed not only my wedding day but the planning that went behind it. From booking a venue to finding rentals to creating beautiful floral arrangements. After my wedding I received a multitude of messages asking if I would be in the business to help coordinate weddings or simply just help out with florals. This planted a seed in my mind but it was my husband who watered it. A month after my husband sat me down and asked what I thought about getting into the rental business, I did not put much thought into it but he kept on insisting. So together we went all in and decided to start a business and it took off! My husband being the head of delivery and me the head of creative design. For larger events I am blessed with a super talented sister who aids in creative design, she is truly one of a kind. 

What is our GOAL? Well it's simple, to make your dreams come to life. I treat every event like it is my own and will do anything I can to make my clients vision a reality :) 

How and why did I start making scrubs? Well I simply got sick of not knowing what I was putting on my skin. Looking on the back of store bought body scrubs and seeing a long list of ingredients made me feel uneasy. So what did I do....I experimented with different recipes and ingredients until I created a perfect and simple sugar body scrub made with minimal ingredients and leaving your skin as soft as a babies bottom. Guaranteed to satisfy !

More Creations Coming Soon!

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions and I will be more than happy to assist!


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Tel: 623-738-8933

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